Saturday, January 30, 2010

sayonara blogging

i was reading An nisaa' until i reached a verse telling about comitting mistakes and asking for forgiveness from Allah. i felt so uneasy that night somehow. it went on until after isya'. i don't know

to all readers of this blog,Thanks u for all your support all this while. This is the last u'll ever hear from me. for the second time,a sign have came to let me know i'm better off not blogging. definitely not cut out for this.May Allah help me in my online uzlah and islah into becoming a better person(and a quieter mouth,and a well-preserved tongue):)

Sorry for all those hearts i may have hurt,all those words that touched,or all those writing that may offend. sorry to wiratakdidendang as well who used to send negatives comment to me and some of my friends's blog.

Goodbye now. happy blogging everyone.This is me,Serikandi Islam,signing off for good insyaAllah.
(thinking of quiting some other things too until i find a peace of mind))


Adib said...

Assalaamu'alaikum ukhti. Nearly all the bloggers I've known have felt the need to take a break at some point, especially me. Hehe.

Speaking of mistakes, its true that the more we blog the higher the chance of committing mistakes of the tongue. But if you think about it, somehow its not as dangerous as talking with your friends because by blogging you have time to think about what you want to write about and if you find any mistakes after publishing, you can edit out what you feel shouldn't be mentioned.

We all want to make an impact on the current state of the ummah; to make it better everyday. We do it by giving da'wah, discussing with our friends and even posting reminders on our blogs. But the dangerous part is when you grind on nerves, be ignorant by trying to prove only your own understanding of the religion to be right without it following the Qur'an, Sunnah, the methodology of the Salaf as Salleh and the ijma' of 'ulama.

Even 'Umar ibn Khataab was scared of this issue. He used to put a stone in his mouth to avoid saying the wrong things! No matter where we go, we're still prone to making mistakes of the tongue. That's the disadvantage of blogging.

What I'd do on my blog is write up a post at least a day before posting, and try to provide daleel if I discuss an issue. I try not to think of others fault more than my own fault. I'd be open to everyone's opinion on any matter and let them have their say. I want the Truth to be out there and not keep quiet about it. I want my blog to be part of my da'wah works. I'm open to all criticisms because its people around me that will notice mistakes that I don't know about. To me, that's the advantage of blogging.

In the end, its about whether the good outweighs the bad or the other way round. Hence, in my situation I carry on what I do. Whereas for you, if you feel that the bad outweighs the good, and that you feel that you need a break then I support you wholeheartedly. :)

Fi Aman Allah

Serikandi Islam said...

MasyaAllah..i was reading this blog as a so-called 'outsider' when i came to read this comment of urs. such a long comment showing how concern u are.. thanks Adib,'s not about the religion or the 'only-my-belief-and manhaj-in-islam-that-is-correct,or whatsoever. Cause throughout my years as a writer n blogger ,when it comes to writing about Islam,i always bear in mind NOT to write about something I DON'T KNOW so well about. it's the other thing that hv been causing me to pauses or should i say, HALT from blogging. it's the tendency to express my personal,individual feeling about some stuff that involve othrs in my writing. Have u ever encountered such stuff?
when ur writing which is suppossed to be the place for u to let out ur feeling and view about stuff,(with no harm or ill-intention meant)unknowingly hurt others feeling. And u feel so bad u wonder if u shud ever continue or quit before the same mistakes occur.

If ur answer is positive,i might continue this thingy someday. As much as i talk about quitting,it's so hard to be done. i love blogging all too much.

Adib said...

I see. Well, what I can say is that my blog has, at times, been the place for me to let out my feelings, but I'd always try not to include names or groups if I wanted to give a few advice. If they did something wrong, I will be first to agree that its pretty difficult to give advice even though names weren't mentioned. I guess you could write in a different style, tone or perspective.

For example, if a friend is a heavy smoker and can't stop, and you want to write about it here for her to read then you could start with mentioning all her positive sides, how much you've admired her as a friend. After that you could end it with, "the only thing I might not really like is her puffing cigarettes, but inshaAllah I know that she'll be able to stop and become a better person everyday."

Or maybe you'd have better ways to deal with it. Just think of 70 good excuses why they're that way.

Serikandi Islam said...

haha.i think aside from the taekwondo class,u shud hold another class for bloggers. 1001 blogging tips with Mr Adib. but it's a nice one,though. bernas,bernas.
u have a point.yea,maybe i shud try that,but i learnt NOT to mention any names or particular groups at all,i learnt not to say things just based on my feeling because there might be other side of view i havent' yet look from.

if i'm ever to write again,i'll keep this in mind.

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