Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well,somebody got to do SOMETHING..~

i just read an email from a news reporter in America. okay.bluff. i read it like,early this morning. but to make it sound relevant i'd say i just read it,so peeps,just pretend.

so i was reading this email. it was a reply from Cassidy Cherrington,if i get her name right[imagine beginning an email saying,' cherringtone the name?]huh. i really have trouble remembering people's name.

well i wrote an email to her yesterday. it was a remark to her writing in Kernel Kentucky(i think it's a college bulletin somwhere in Kentucky.whatever it is,it sounds yummy). Well she wrote about her experience of going undercover as a Muslim to learn and experience what it feels like to be  Muslim women with hijab walking around on America's sidewalks and college.

She talked about how nervous she was when first going to  one of the Muslim community hall in trying to ask for a muslim sister's opinion about her plan. she didn't know how the Muslims there will react and she was surprised to see how warm,and gentle and how supportive these people have been. I may not have personally adore this undercover-thingy because i think wearing a hijab as a muslim i way more than just ..well,,wearing it. there's this spiritual and emotional feeling and sentiment that comes along with it.
But i liked how she,as a typical American girl,would escpe out of the typicality of an American and would thought if such idea. she said i want to know the Muslim by trying to walk in their shoes. and the reactions she get from the people around were just as expected as it can be.irritating stares,puzzled reactions from people,those ‘what on earth..’ looks on people’s faces.
the truth is people,that IS the reality of islam in the non-islam countries. people were getting wrong informations about Islam. i remembered my first meeting with Brother Kamarudin Abdullah,a persistent islam preacher ,once a convert,now a full-time practising Muslim.he told me how the non -muslims,they are not getting the right and enough information about Islam. and bro Kamarudin added,WE,simply are not giving the MUCH as well!

attending Syeikh Tariq Appleby talk a few weeks ago,brought all the way from South Africa,it made me think a lot. During the QnA session,one by one non-muslim ,the unsuspected individual came forward to ask so many questions about islam. they were simple questions. Some of the questions are like,"why can't you keep dog as pets?" and ,"why did Rasulullah and you eat by hand?"you know .questions we,muslims never want to ask in an islamic talk .

but these questions shows how all these while,these non-muslims were always observing us and dying to know what we're up to and why we do it. IT SHOWS HOW CURIOUS THEY WERE ABOUT ISLAM! and yet we took em for granted and couldn't care less!

i used to watch Yusuf Estes's talks a lot over the You Tube,and it always amaze me how so many people would stand up ad ask so many questions and misunderstandings about Islam and the end of the sessions,so many people would come forward and recite the syahadah!

Now is't that a bliss to watch?it makes your tears drop watching those 'newbies'  recite the greatest kalimah of all that weigh more than the world and its whole content.

I just realise. There's this Zakir Naik in India and sometimes ago in Canada before he was banned from going there,and Yusuf Estes,the once-a-christian-now a-faithful Muslim so strong in his quest of spreading Islam in America. We have brother Shah Kirit and Brother Kamaruddin Abdullah in Malaysia. Abdul rahim Green,Bilal Philips,even the late Ahmad Deedat. These are people who dedicate their life and soul in the path of calling people to Allah. but WHAT DO WE DO?

i have many non-muslim friends and i have even have a couple living next-door,here in this very hostel!little have i ever thought of making friends with them to let  em know what Islam is all about.

People all over the world were actually in great thirst of the Nur of Islam. They are dying to know,but they are too afraid. Media have been telling them that Islam is a religion of terrorism,that men with beard will kills you and if you stare at a muslim eye for so long,he'll bomb you. NO!

we muslim don't kill people.i mean,not for fun.not without logical reasons. and prophet Muhammad never taught us to bomb people on the sidewalks simply because they don't want to embrace islam. and we don't worship a black box in the middle of a desert like some people think. we don't wear hijab because we're bald.[like,seriously??]and men who wear serban(the headgear)are not terrorist too and the Holy Quran is not written by Muhammad.

In our Quran,there is this verse that reads,"there is no compulsion in religion(Islam)". we don't force people to embrace Islam. Only when you're in it,you must act like a Muslim.
In any war led by our Prophet,he warned and reminded the soldiers of Allah NOT to kill the women,the children,those who do not fight back and so many more.check out his hadith:

ukhari Volume 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 257.
Narrated By ‘Abdullah : During some of the Ghazawat of the Prophet a woman was found killed. Allah’s Apostle disapproved the killing of women and children.
“I advise you ten things| Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place. Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food. Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, and do not be cowardly.”
Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab that a son of Kab ibn Malik (Malik believed that ibn Shihab said it was Abd ar-Rahman ibn Kab) said, “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, forbade those who fought ibn Abi Huqayq (a treacherous jew from Madina) to kill women and children. He said that one of the men fighting had said, ‘The wife of ibn Abi Huqayq began screaming and I repeatedly raised my sword against her. Then I would remember the prohibition of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, so I would stop. Had it not been for that, we would have been rid of her.’”
Ibn `Abbas says: The Messenger of Allah, when dispatching his troops, would tell them, ” ..Do not behave treacherously, nor misappropriate war-booty, nor mutilate [those whom you kill], nor kill children, nor the people in cloisters.” (Musnad Ahmad, Sunan At-Tirmidhî)
There are more hadith[words of Muhammad] but it would be too long.

My Muslims friends,i think we are forgetting something. it's da;wah to the non-Muslim.!it's as simple as showing them good akhlak as a muslim! as simple as that!

To all the muslims,let's do our part in eradicating ISLAMOPHOBIA.To all the non-muslims,you can contact me at this email or contact the better, the latter is an Islamic Propagation Society International. it's their job. so just send them an emails in case you want to know more about Islam.


Muna 'Izzah Md Isa said...

like this entry like, thousand times.


Serikandi Islam said...[imagine saying this,VERBALLY]


Adib said...

MashaAllah, good to see you giving non-muslims the opportunity to email you their questions.

Yes, I've heard of many non-muslims trying to wear a hijab just to know what it's like to be walking in the streets, but they won't truly know exactly what its like until they become Muslim with the intention of hearing and obeying Allaah's Divine commands.

That feeling of obeying Allaah and hoping for His pleasure in the hereafter, that feeling of thinking of Him constantly, that social pain and misery getting flushed away at the thought of Allaah alone is not something one can easily describe in mere words.

You can only truly feel this way with the sincere belief and chant of La ila ha illallah, MuhammadurRasulullAh. (No deity worthy of worship except Allaah, and Prophet Muhammad is His Messenger)

Serikandi Islam izan said...

yes.u're truly right adib. Nothing can beat the feeling of being MUSLIM.wearingn hijab as a sign of devotion rather than just a symbol of religion or for fun or for the sake of 'trying out to taste what it feels like'.

I hope Allah fix our feet firm in this path ilaAllah and give hidayah to others

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