Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why can't you just have more faith in Allah?

"i'm so stressed out!!"i heard that sentence coming out from his mouth over and over again.

"Now ,all that's left to do is just pray and do solat hajat. InsyaAllah,Allah will grant you the way out."
"kau ni..aish. there's no way the guy gonna give back the wallet. it's just not possible!you don't expect the thief is just gonna suddenly come back and return me the wallet ,do you?'
i sighed. in my heart,i couldn't help whispering, "can't you have more faith in Allah?"

overstressed,he hung up. i was a bit furious that he hung up on me when i was talking so i wrote him a message.
"how dare you hung up on me?will you chill??settle you problems one at a time." i was still furious. no matter how angry he was,there's no logical reason for him to be mad at me since i'm not the one to blame for his problem.

no reply. i texted him once more.

"Solat hajat. At times like this there's no room for ego . Allah is the only one that can help. You just have to have a little more faith in Him.he'll surely helps you out.."

end of message. still no reply. i hope he did wht i asked him to's human nature to only remember Him at times of trouble,so this maybe is a trial Allah purposely gave him so that he'll remember Him more.and if this doesn't get him to remember ALlah,i don't know what will. He should be really shameful of himself should that happens.

the next day my sister and brother were advising the same thing to him as well.about being patience with this little tribulation.

i insist on turning to Allah. just turn,spread the sajadah and sujud. Ask for ALlah to help him face this problem with clearer mind.

i've seen this many times. even in myself. over the years,i learnt to rely on Allah in whatever things i do. i don't mean to sound angelic or noble,i have flaws myself. but if there's anything i have stronly learnt over these recent years of getting to know ALlah,it's dependency to Allah. about tawakkal alaAllah. about leaving everything to Him after efforts have been put forward. about believing that in the name of Allah,no harm can be charged on me without His permission.nothing w/out His permission. and after learning this particular kalimah,
 my faith in Allah grew much stronger.whenever i was afraid or worried about something,i immediately remind myself of this kalimah. the kalimah once recited by Khalid al Walid when he drank up the poison from an enemy in a war in Benbaqila and walked out,totally unharmed.
i remembered going to the surau one day for subuh prayer and it was darker than usual and rather spooky. i nearly hesitated to go to the surau and so i quickly recited this kalimah and tell myslf,"who am i afraid of?who is more powerful?"

Alhamdulillah it works. 

the same happen when i have problem.s i admit,i'm a butterfinger if that how you call it for people like me. when i walk,i drop stuffs,i lost a lot of stuffs and broke loads of them too. i lost my wallet twice[or was it thrice?]i once lost my wallet along with my bank card to the point that i have no cent left. at that time ,i haven't yet learnt about tawakkal. until life brought me through so many experiences and meeting friends in the path of ALlah,whom,mashaAllah have impressed me in terms of their tawakkal to Allah.

there is one friend who lost his laptop and his handphone in a mosque while praying and he answered,"there's a hikmah(blessing) behind this that Allah wants to give me"

there is one friend who never lock her door whenever she goes anywhere. at some points i disagree in this because i think the real tawakkal must comes with ikhtiar but i'm just way imppressed with her faith in Allah. she's so calm and never seemed so worried about leaving things to Allah. And she thought me so much about tawakkal. and in this,i learnt a particular du'a too,which i practiced regularly especially when leaving my room in way it leaves fear and qualms in my mind.

nastaudiullahu maali,waahli,
i leave to Allah my properties and my family.

i don't quite remember where i learnt this du'a but it sure makes me feel a lot calmer knowing i have leave everything for Allah to look after and even if something happenned to them,it's of ALlah's will.

these recent years,i've been surrounded by friends whose tawakkal to Allah are truely unimaginable. my ustaz,taught me alot about trusting ALlah. he organised lots of programme but never seemed to worry about money,because as he always put it, "da;wah first,money comes second"
and he always recite this particular ayaah when it comes to teaching us about tawakkal,

يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوٓاْ إِن تَنصُرُواْ ٱللَّهَ يَنصُرۡكُمۡ وَيُثَبِّتۡ أَقۡدَامَكُمۡ
O ye who believe! If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly. 
Surah Muhammad:7

dear my beloved brother and sister,i'm not writing this to show what i have or haven't learn in my life but merely to focus on the importance of trusting Allah. Abu dardaa' never worries when news have been brought about the fire that caught his next-door neighbour's house because he's confident about Allah's help from the du'a Prophet Muhammad taught him.

We believe that Allah is the creator of everything in the universe. That he is the all-knowing,the almighty who knows what happen next or what happened before. so why must we fret?why reciting du'a isn't an option?things happened and can't be undoned,sure, but ALlah's power is way beyond that.He can undone what has been done and can do the ondoable. 


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