Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sini sana semua orang cakap pasal kahwin.


Mengharap RedhaMu said...

Biarlah orang cakap....cakap orang sekejap cuma....cakap dengan Allah bagaimana pula??? yang penting tanya diri apa yang dipersiapkan untuk menghadapi??

Serikandi Islam said...

haha.lek's just a statement.

Mengharap RedhaMu said...

:) taU dah.... :)

AbuHaafidh said...

Those who love the Prophet are those who cling tightly to his sunnah, even if they were to use their molar teeth! And it is in this day and age where clinging to his sunnah has become similar to holding burning coal.

Of the many sunnah practices taught by the prophet, marriage is undoubtedly one of them. Marry the best man the moment you get that chance. Don't let him go without putting in some effort like the many who have been kicking themselves from regret.

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