Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You don't understand.

i'm no superman,i'm just an ordinary girl
i may bend and break,cry my heart and soul
i may hesitate,
sometimes i curse and hate
most often i feel scared
not knowing what to do
for it 2 be shared
is something hard to do.
sometimes i make promises
sometimes i break it
if i feel like turning back,
will it be too late?

this is too much to handle.stop.please stop,

i'm stressed out. don't push me.don't even expect anything from me. you don't JUST DON'T understand.

i can't but i don't have the heart to tell you so. apart of me is dying for an escape.apart of me is sorry for someone she knows all too well.

THIS,SERIOUSLY ISN'T FUN AND GAMES. THIS,IS REAL.can you just gimme a break?


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