Saturday, September 17, 2011

Walking down the memory lane..

It wasn't too long before this that i suddenly thought of calling an old friend of mine whom i have lost contact with for years. Her name was Eda. She was my best friend since form 1. Eversince we left secondary school,we haven't seen each other and the only time i get to see the others are during hari raya gathering. But there wasn't any this raya because holidays are super-short.

So i called her and we chatted for nearly an hour. There was lots of recalling funny moments,long-forgotten friends names,reminiscing sweet and bitter memories and laughing at silly moments that happened in the past years of us during our lovely days in school uniforms.

"Kau ingat tak budak ni pernah suka kau?"She asked at one point.
"Ada ke?"
"Ada..Kau pun suka dia."

i only laughed. puppy love stories always makes me laugh the hardest. In fact,i have forgotten all about those times. And it all made it even clearer to me how different i am now from how i was before.

i have always been such a good girl on school but there are moments that my naughty side breaks out of me. Like these.

Memory # 1:. I faked my teacher’s signature.
This is undoubtedly the stupidest thing i have ever done in my entire lifetime. I can't believe i was this silly. Well this is what happen when an angel try to act devil. 

The story went like this. When i was in Form 1,i hate my English teacher so much that i was too lazy to do my homework. And guess what,the next thing i knew it was already 3months of schooling and i haven't yet even for once passed up  my homework. Until the day comes when my teacher wanted to see ALL of our books in front of his table. In the panic of not wanting my teacher to see all of my work unmarked from Day 1 of school, i ,out my stupidity sign my own homework. talk about super-foolishness!! 

When my turn came to show him my book,my hands were shivering!i was going,"Janganlah kau tengok belakang-belakang,janganlah kau tengok belakang-belakang(refering to the page of the books)"

"Izan,whose signature is this??" He asked,raising his eyebrows.
"err..tulisan cikgu lah.."while making the most innocent look ever hoping the teacher would be just as stupid as me.

but he's then came the most humiliating part in my history of schooldays

Memory # 2:
Pretending sick to avoid assembly.

SMJK Pei Hwa is a very small school. It has only a couple of buildings with some minor adjustment here and there to afford the many of us. So back then,we used to have our assembly at the tiny hall right in the center of the other buildings, surrounded and precisely,cooped up ,making it a dark,gloomy and extremely uncomfortable place to stand in crowd for an hour.

At the assembly,if a student seemed sick or about to faint,a couple of prefects will excuse him/her from the assembly and escort her to the comfortable class nearby to sit and relax under the cool fan instead of standing in heat amidst the crowd.

So one day,having blessed with the "muka kesian" and puppy-eyes look,i decided one day to pretend to be sick simply because i couldn't stand the ugly smell of sweat,the heat and the tension of the standing-in-a-sardine-can- feeling that i got at that time. Usually the prefect didn't fall for such pretension that easily. Easy to say,they knew which one is real and which is not. So it took real courage to trick them. first,i pretended to wobble. I stood but i purposely hit my friends body every now and then as if i was moving about and about to fall anytime. I made a hollow look,as if i losing focus ,and all that -orang-nak pengsan- look you always see on tv. But guess what,even my friend bought it!So i was approached and given super attention like a real diva by the prefect, though at the end i refuse their offer to go to the class because suddenly i felt guilty of lying. What the..?? wel i told you i was such an angel . I dun have the heart to lie.=) (making cute puppy-eyes look)

But hey,i shoud be an Oscar Nominee!!

memory # 3: Bad to be 'ignorant'.
The ' me' 8 years ago was different than 'yours truly' writing this blog now. Back then i was ignorant or what the Malays call, JAHIL about my religion. 

I knew so little about Islam,compared to how i am now,ALhamdulillah.
One thing that made me so enthusiastic about preaching to the non-muslim about Islam is this incident.

Having studied in a Chinese School for 5 years,i should've earned huge opportunity to preach da;wah to the non-muslims. But i didn't. Because me,myself,needs a little 'slap in the face' and a wake-up-call, me myslef needs some Islamic teaching because i have so little i even gave the wrong facts to others.

One day,my Chinese friend approached me asking one question that change me forever.
"izan.why can;t the muslims eat pigs?"
me,being so ignorant and having being hearing the same answer since i was kids,innocently answered,
"because pigs are dirty. they eat shit." well that's what my ustaz have been telling me when i was in kelas KAFA in my childhood days.

"But chickens eat shits too.they eat dirts too. Duck eats dirts too. Why aren't they dirty? Why do you still eats them?"

i was stunned. i wasn;t expecting that. and frankly i didn't have any other anwer than that. because i never ask. i never even give a damn of why we can't have pigs on our plate during lucnhtime. i was just following blinndly.

The day after that,i asked my ustaz in the school the question adn his aswer was amazing. Until now,i am still looking for that ustaz. If only he sees how i have changed now,and what ia have became,i'm sure he will smile and say,"Alhamdulillah."

there are many more memories and right now i was supposed to be finishing my assignment but i'm still lazyng around(blogging isn;t lazying around,is it?)
so that's all for now!

George Santayana,”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


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