Friday, November 20, 2009

Mari hentikan kitar hidup bodoh ini!

STUPID CYCLE-hibernation is  not for  intellects.
by:Serikandi Islam(Norizan Zakaria)

Stupid cycle. No,no,we’re not learning life cycle of a species ,metamorphosis and all that. stupid cyle is a term defining a phenomenon we,ourselves,experienced. I repeat,WE,dear friends,WE. Now before I start,just a disclaimer that by putting on such title,I wasn’t calling everyone stupid(for god sake,we’re all universities undergraduate!we make it this far,so no one is stupid).

             I was first introduced to this term by a friend by the name Attiq. One heck of an intellectual who learns so much from addictive reading she does every single moment of her leisure times. Then I hear it again on a talk in SBIB,some programme I went to.The first time I hear about it,I can already guess what it’s about. Such an interesting concept and  statement but I never really thought of it before(come to think of it,I wasn’t realy quite  a thinker before,I’ve only started THINKING recently,around a few months back,and my previous blog was a shameful failure in a way that I’ve disgraced myself via nonsense talk and zero-aspiring notes about my life.)
Stupid cycle refers to our lifestyle where we sort of live to our compulsory routine,and end your day without any contribution to others or any contribution to society. for example,you go to class,7.45 sharp in the morning(okay.ignore ‘sharp’),and then you listen to boring lectures,chat around with friends(collecting sins as you go along) ,lesson ends and you go back to you room. Perform Zuhur,and get a nap(which often can’t be called a nap;more like hibernation).  After your so-called ‘rest’,you wake up for asar,and open you laptop. Surf the net,log in to facebook,replies every single comments on friendster,or report about your boring day in your blog,etc. When night comes,there’s solat maghrib,and Isya’,back to your beloved Acer or Hp or Toshiba and back on the net. Replying wallpost ,and comments to friend living just next door,bla,bla,bla..and many more of non-meaningful acitivites. Then you go back to bed,your favourite place to be at,and sleep until the next day come and the same routine repeats. The same thing everyday. So how is it stupid? class- eat -sleep-,-class,-eat,sleep. If there’s no class in the list,your life routine is just like that of a CAT! No substance,no work-a-sweat job,no new knowledges,and in short,NO IMPACT!No changes to yourself in a way that you do not gain new knowledge except from what you learn in class(if you DO pay attention in class). No improvement.
"He whom his two days are equal, is in loss,He whom his one day are worse(than the day before),is cursed,he whom his (deeds) does not increase at all, is in insufficiency and whoever is in insufficiency,then death is better for him.(Barang siapa yang dua harinya sama, maka ia telah rugi, barang siapa yang satu harinya lebih jelek, maka ia terlaknat, barang yang (kebaikannya) tidak bertambah sama sekali, maka ia berada dalam kekurangan, dan barang siapa yang berada dalam kekurangan, maka kematian lebih baik baginya".)-Mafhum of a hadith Muhammad S.A.W. Well?
Improvement is a must. Islah. a change for the better. Hijra. All of which if it existed in your daily life,you can kiss Stupid cycle sayonara.But just improving yourself isn’t enough. Don’t you like making changes to others?to the society?Knowing your existence in the world DO matters,and it Do bring changes? Or would you prefer to be a dead tree stump?that just sits and rest,and die when it’s time without anybody noticing?Hey,stand up and go warm some hearts,move and help the society. Give to the society what you expect them to give you. Join Da’wah programmes,visit a charity homes,Go to an outside kuliah-(pengajian kitab,usrah luar kampus-meets society,different age range,gather new knowledge). Just a little justification for why all this matters,is EXPERIENCE.Now who can deny the beneficial factor of experience?I would pay through the nose for experience. I would sacrifice my sleep for experience. I would spend the only weekend I have for a thing called experience. But what’s more important than that,is TO MAKE CHANGES IN SOCIETY. You maybe just one person,who can’t change the world, but you can try. The analogy is like an ant trying to lift a sugarcube 20 times its size. He tried to move the sugarcube but It won’t budge. But if it come back again another day and does the same thing,and others follows the ant and help push the sugarcube,it will move litte by little till it reach the ant’s home. Little by little.
From Jabir Bin Abdullah reported Muhammad have said , “Khairunnasi anfauhum linnas” The best of men are those who are useful(contributing)to others.-A Hasan Hadith riwayah by Imam At Thabarani. USEFUL,people,useful. Now think,are we being useful to others.?Have we been contributing to the society?
LET’S STOP THIS STUPID CYCLE,FELLOW ‘MAHASISWA’(somehow,I find the word ‘mahasiswa’ more convinving than ‘undergraduate’.)LET’S CONTRIBUTE TO UMMAH. LET’S ROCK THE SOCIETY WITH OUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS. WE ARE YOUNG. AS SYABAB,YOUNG MUJAHIDIN MUJAHIDAH,WE ARE THE OPTIMUM JUNDI,THE OPTIMUM MEDIUM,THE OPTIMUM WORKER FOR THE EFFORT OF UPHOLDING ISLAM. Young people should be strong and energetic,young ‘mahasiswa’ should be rational,creative,smart and full of bright ideas. Young people should be running here and there,multitasking amanah and juggling balancely his ukhrawi needs and worldly needs.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Serikandi Islam said...

thanks.that's really sweet.trying to imprve myself as times passed.

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