Monday, November 23, 2009

Anything for u,emak

Uwais al Qarni,whom the world may not know of,but is very well known among the sky dwellers. Prophet Muhammad mentioned him as the resident of the sky.."penghuni langit". Why?
when asked by Saiyidatina Aishah and fellow sahabat,Muhammad said,"he's a very obedient son and a dweller of the sky".

he lived in the same era  as Muhammad but never once,have met him in person. He have never met Muhammad in person,but never once has its impairs or affects his outstanding love for Muhammad s.a.w. He longed to see Muhammad due to this unbearable desire to meet his beloved Prophet,he missed him so much,but he kept his desired buried in heart due to his obedience to his old,paralysed and blind mother. such love. Such obedience.

I left a silat program which i was dying to go to,but i abandoned the program for the sake of my mother. I know i won't be spending much times in the village due to the  programme i have this holiday,so i forget the silat course so that i can meet up my mother earlier. and how was i glad to see her smile right when the car that carry me home enters the yard..SHE SMILED SO WIDE. i never knew she was so happy to see me.
and then i planned to go celebrate raya in Kelantan. She doesn't seem happy about it. her faced changed the moment my sister said she was celebrating her raya in Kelantan. Imagine if i said i was coming along. Sorry shuma,my beloved niece who kept on asking her mother when will i be coming;i can;t go with u,because i have a mother whom heart needs to be taken care of.Then a program by CARE. the first time i told her about leaving 3 weeks earlier for the program,she objected to it totally. I said nothing more. Sad,but never rebellious.
Up till now,i am still waiting for her confirmation. you're the only love i have so far ,emak. i''ll do anything for u insyaAllah,as long as it is halal. May Allah bless u.


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